Mastering the Art of Carrom Disc Pool: Unraveling the Best Player’s Journey


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In the dynamic and engaging world of Carrom Disc Pool, achieving the status of the best player requires more than just skill; it demands dedication, resilience, and a continuous quest for excellence. This comprehensive guide explores the journey of becoming the best player, focusing on the experiences of a notable figure, Maria Irudayam. By delving into his achievements and the path to mastery, we aim to inspire enthusiasts to pursue their own path to Carrom greatness.

I. The Best Player in Carrom Disc Pool

Carrom Pool, originating in India and gaining international popularity, boasts a community of accomplished players. Among them, Maria Irudayam serves as a beacon of Carrom mastery.

A. Maria Irudayam:

  1. Champion Achievements:
  • Maria Irudayam has etched his name in Carrom history as a two-time world champion and a nine-time national games winner.
  • His exceptional accomplishments were acknowledged with the prestigious Arjuna Award, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the sport.
  • Currently, as the chairman of the Carrom board in India, Maria continues to contribute significantly to the promotion and sponsorship of Carrom.

II. Maria Irudayam’s Journey to Becoming the Best:

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  1. Early Interest and Involvement:
  • At the age of 14, Maria’s journey began as he dropped out of school and discovered his passion for Carrom Disc Pool.
  • Joining a local club at 17, he celebrated his first victory in a local Carrom game, setting the stage for his future success.
  1. Career Development:
  • Motivated by early success, Maria embarked on a transformative journey to establish himself as a prominent Carrom player.
  • Overcoming challenges and defeats, he gradually earned a reputation as a top-performing player in the Carrom Pool community.

III. Frequently Asked Questions:

  • a. Haji Ali Agariya:
    • Revered as the king of Carrom Disc Pool, Haji Ali Agariya stands as a symbol of excellence in the game.
  • b. Carrom Pool’s Cultural Significance:
    • Carrom Pool holds a special place in the hearts of Indian maharajas, reflecting the game’s deep cultural roots.
  • c. Haji Ali Agariya’s Ongoing Legacy:
    • Haji Ali Agariya remains a prominent figure, continuing to dominate the world of Carrom Pool and inspiring new generations of players.


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Becoming the best player in Carrom Disc Pool, as exemplified by Maria Irudayam, is a journey marked by dedication, practice, and a genuine love for the game. His life story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of perseverance and commitment. Aspiring players can draw valuable lessons from Maria’s experiences as they navigate their own paths toward becoming the best in Carrom Disc Pool. Through dedication and passion, the journey to Carrom greatness becomes an attainable goal for those willing to invest in their skills and embrace the challenges along the way.

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