Carrom Pool Game – Tracing the Origins

carrom pool mod apk
carrom pool mod apk

Carrom Pool, a captivating board game that involves a striker, has gained global popularity, but the question lingers: Who is the mastermind behind the invention of Carrom Pool? Several decades ago, India proudly introduced this game to the world, a nation where families and friends congregate to spend quality time together.

During that period, innovative Indians reimagined the dynamics of pool by substituting certain elements with coin-like pieces, enriching the social gathering with a touch of strategic gameplay. Let’s delve into the historical evolution of Carrom Pool:

The Birth of Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool originated in India, and today it enjoys widespread play worldwide. Thanks to platforms like MiniClip, enthusiasts can engage in online matches by downloading the Carrom Pool APK from the Google Play Store.

Evolution of Gameplay

carrom pool mod apk
carrom pool mod apk

Carrom Pool introduced significant modifications to traditional pool elements. Let’s explore these alterations:

1. Pucks

In contrast to traditional pool, where players aim to pocket balls, Carrom Pool requires participants to pot all the pucks, resembling coins, to secure victory.

2. Striker

Unlike the white ball used as a striker in conventional pool, Carrom Pool features a large coin serving as the striker to pot all the pucks into designated pockets.

3. Queen

Unveiling a unique twist, Carrom Pool introduces a red coin known as the queen. This coin must be pocketed before the final puck to clinch victory, mirroring the concept of the black ball in traditional pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

carrom pool mod apk
carrom pool mod apk

To shed light on some common queries about Carrom Pool:

  1. Origin: India proudly presented this board game to the world.
  2. Invention Date: Carrom Pool traces its roots back to the late 18th century.
  3. Family Bonding: The game was invented to enhance family bonding.
  4. Permissible Play: Despite the potential for cheating, lying, and competition, playing Carrom is considered acceptable.
  5. Pro Player: Haji Ali Agariya is renowned as a skilled Carrom Pool player.


The invention of Carrom Pool stands as a testament to the creative ingenuity of the Indian gaming community. From its humble beginnings within family circles, Carrom Pool has transcended boundaries to become a global favorite, captivating players with its unique blend of skill and strategy.

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