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Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Carrom Pool Mod APK Download

Version: 15.6.0 | Size: 140MB


Enhanced Physics Engine:
The mod includes an upgraded physics engine, offering a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. Carrom shots and movements feel more authentic and true to life.

Tournament Mode Unlocked:
Unlock the Tournament Mode right from the start, allowing players to participate in competitive tournaments without the need to grind through lower levels.

Customizable Game Controls:
Tailor the game controls to your liking with customizable options. Adjust the sensitivity and placement of controls for a personalized and comfortable gaming experience.

Instant Win Option:
Enjoy a shortcut to victory with the Instant Win option. Use it strategically to secure quick wins and progress through levels faster.

Real-time Multiplayer Mode:
Experience intense carrom battles with real players in the mod’s enhanced real-time multiplayer mode. Challenge friends or compete against skilled opponents worldwide.

Dynamic Weather Effects:
Immerse yourself in the game with dynamic weather effects. Play under different weather conditions, adding an extra layer of challenge and visual appeal to each match.

Unlockable Achievements and Rewards:
Earn exclusive achievements and rewards as you achieve milestones in the game. Showcase your skills and accomplishments to other players in the Carrom Pool community.

Interactive Emotes and Chat Features:
Express yourself during matches with a range of interactive emotes. Communicate with opponents using the in-game chat feature, adding a social aspect to the gameplay.

Strategic Power-Ups:
Discover and utilize strategic power-ups during matches. These power-ups can turn the tide of a game and provide exciting opportunities for strategic gameplay.

Revamped User Interface (UI):
Enjoy a sleek and modern user interface in the modded version. The revamped UI enhances navigation and overall aesthetics for a more polished gaming experience.

New Carrom Board Designs:
Unlock and play on a variety of new carrom board designs. Each design brings a unique visual appeal to the game, keeping the playing experience fresh and exciting.

Progress Sync Across Devices:
Sync your game progress seamlessly across multiple devices. Switch between your phone and tablet without losing any achievements, coins, or unlocked features.

Community Challenges and Events:
Participate in community challenges and special in-game events. Compete with players globally and earn exclusive rewards for your performance.

AI Difficulty Levels:
Challenge yourself with adjustable AI difficulty levels. Choose from a range of AI opponents, each with varying skill levels, providing a tailored challenge for players of all skill levels.