Mastering Aim Carrom Points: A Comprehensive Guide


Discover the captivating world of Carrom, a strategic board game that demands a deep understanding of fouls and a strategic approach to earn points and emerge victorious. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned player, mastering Aim Carrom is essential for the true essence of the game. This guide provides comprehensive insights into scoring and earning Aim Carrom Points.

Section 1: Fundamental Strategies

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1.1 Precision and Strategy:
Earning points in Carrom demands precision, strategy, and a sharp eye for opportunities. The goal is to strategically reduce your opponent’s game pieces while maximizing your scoring potential.

1.2 Counting Points:
After each round, meticulously observe the board, counting your opponent’s remaining game pieces. Each surviving piece contributes one point to your score.

1.3 Pocketing the Queen:
A significant achievement in Carrom, pocketing the Queen, and covering it with your game piece in the same turn earns an additional 5 points (applies if your total score is below 24).

1.4 Tracking Scores:
Maintain a record of scores from each round, considering points earned for opponents’ remaining game pieces and bonuses for the Queen. The objective is to reach or surpass a score of 29 for victory.

Section 2: Game Etiquette and Techniques

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2.1 Striker Positioning:
Ensure the striker is correctly positioned within the baseline before taking a shot. Crossing the diagonal line results in a foul.

2.2 Proper Break:
Breaking correctly at the game’s start is crucial. Striking game pieces with sufficient force to spread them across the board is essential to avoid fouls.

2.3 Penalties:
If you run out of game pieces and pocket your opponent’s piece, submit it as a penalty. Your opponent places it strategically at the center of the board without gaining an advantage.

Section 3: Specific Techniques for Maximum Points

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3.1 Bank Shots:
Utilize the board’s cushions to increase your chances of pocketing multiple game pieces in a single shot through skillful bank shots.

3.2 Combination Shots:
Master the art of combination shots, strategically hitting one game piece into another to pocket both simultaneously, earning extra points.

Section 4: FAQs

4.1 Understanding Aim Carrom Points:
Explore the scoring system assessing a player’s accuracy based on targeting and pocketing game pieces.

4.2 Earning Aim Carrom Points:
Focus on precision and accuracy to pocket game pieces without committing fouls, leading to higher Aim Carrom Points.

4.3 Scoring System Variations:
Acknowledge potential variations in scoring based on rules, with each pocketed game piece generally earning one point.

4.4 Points Deduction:
Assure players that Aim Carrom Points are earned based on performance and accuracy; points cannot be lost, but lapses may result in lower scores.


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Earning Aim Carrom Points is an art that combines precision, accuracy, and skill. Regular practice, focusing on specific techniques, and maintaining a consistent approach are key to mastering this exciting board game. Strive for greatness as you embark on a thrilling journey to conquer the Carrom board.

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